We Were Here series

We Were Here Releases Free for PlayStation 4 for a Limited Period, Next Two Games Follow Later This Month

The We Were Here series, featuring three games, has so far released on Xbox One and Steam, but now it’s finally arriving on PlayStation 4. To celebrate the release, the first game in the series, simply called We Were Here, is available for free for a limited period of time.

We Were Here is a co-op puzzle title that strands players in a frozen wasteland. Separated from your partner in the abandoned Castle Rock, the two of you must communicate with each other via walkie-talkie to find a way out. Player one finds themselves in a small part of the castle, whereas player two has more freedom in its halls.

The title is considered to be the pilot episode in the series and its available to download for free from the PlayStation Store now. Don’t wait too long to grab it, though. You only have until February 23 before it goes up to full price. Once you do claim it, the game will be free to keep forever.

The remaining two titles in the series will be released on February 23. We Were Here Too dials up the pressure as players find themselves caught in a relentless storm. With nowhere else to go and the chances of making it out alive diminishing fast, a large mysterious structure offers the only place of refuge. The problem is you find yourselves trapped again.

We Were Here Together takes place at a research base camp in the Antarctic wilderness. An emergency flare and a distress call signals the rest of the research team is in danger. The two players need to find the flare’s source before once again finding themselves trapped within a mysterious castle.

On February 23, all three titles will be available for individual purchase separately, or they’ll be available in the Series Bundle. The games are playable in any order, although there is a “common narrative thread” that runs between them. Developer Total Mayhem Games does have plans to expand the franchise in the future, so there will likely be more games to come.