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PlayStation Architect Mark Cerny Skips Platinum Trophies That Require Online Play

PlayStation architect Mark Cerny has revealed that he tends to avoid chasing Platinum trophies if they require playing online following a bad experience in PS3 game, Resistance: Fall of Man.

In an interesting interview with Game Informer, Cerny recalled that he was a part of Resistance‘s design team and ended up investing hundreds of hours into the game. However, he got “dominated” by other players online, which led him to skip Platinum trophies with multiplayer components!

“The MP folk are just too good!” said Cerny. “I can remember being on the Resistance: Fall of Man design team on PS3 and playing the game for hundreds of hours – I could finish the campaign on the hardest difficulty – and the weekend it came out, I went online and thought I’d show off my skills. Instead, I ended up getting dominated by players who were playing the game for the very first time. So, if the Platinum Trophy needs online, I skip it.”

Cerny unlocked 33 Platinums on the PS4 and is currently pursuing the prized trophy in the notoriously difficult Cuphead. He’s admittedly unsure if he’ll be able to unlock it although he’s already beaten the game once.

Elsewhere in the interview, Cerny acknowledged that the Platinum run in Knack – a game he helped create – “was not very enjoyable.” “The time commitment isn’t bad, but the random nature of things makes it just brutal,” he explained. “We fixed that for Knack II.”

What are some of the toughest Platinum trophies you’ve unlocked? Boast in the comments below! For me, it was the Overwatch Platinum. Never again.

[Source: Game Informer]