Quantic Dream Teaming up With French Studio for an ‘Ambitious Narrative, Atmospheric’ Game

Heavy Rain, Detroit: Become Human developer Quantic Dream has announced that it’s teaming up with indie developer Parallel Studio on an “ambitious narrative, atmospheric” title with an emphasis on “poetic cinematography.”

In line with its previously-announced vision, Quantic Dream will be publishing the title, and lending its support to Parallel Studio when it comes to development expertise.

“Quantic Dream’s support for our most ambitious project yet is an exciting arrangement for everyone on our team,” Ronan Coiffec, CEO of Parallel Studio, said in a press release. “We’re eager to continue our work alongside one of the most creative and brilliant video game teams the industry offers, one that will ensure the quality and care a project like ours requires.”

“We are delighted to have Parallel Studio as one of the independent studios we are supporting in the development and edition of their next title,” added Guillaume de Fondaumière, Chief Executive Officer of Quantic Dream. “We were seduced by the concept proposed by this talented team, made up of personalities who have signed several recent critical successes. After Berlin-based Jo-Mei and Red Thread Games in Olso, this partnership is Quantic Dream’s first with a French studio.”

The partnership will give Parallel Studio access to Quantic Dream’s resources, which include motion capture, voice recording, animation, PR, and marketing.

Quantic Dream is separately working on “many exciting new projects” as of May 2020 that it has yet to detail. No further information about Parallel Studio’s project was shared either, but we have our eyes peeled and keep our readers posted.