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That Demon’s Souls PS4 Database Entry Is Apparently 4 Years Old and Has Nothing to Do With the Remake

Twitter user PlayStation Game Size, who is known for scraping PlayStation servers for information, recently caused quite a stir when they announced that they found a Demon’s Souls PlayStation 4 version. The “discovery” generated a lot of excitement, particularly because of Sony’s flip-flopping on the issue of cross-gen releases as well as the recently-announced Godfall PS4 version. However, this Demon’s Souls entry doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the PS5 remake, like many have been misled into believing.

According to known modder Lance McDonald, the PS4 database entry for Demon’s Souls is over four years old and likely refers to the PlayStation Now entry for a PS4 port of the PS3 game.

“It’s very likely a PS Now entry for the internal port of Demon’s Souls PS3 for PS4 that was created during the early stages of remake for the purpose of remote QA. Sony often do this,” McDonald explained. “These builds are never intended for release. In fact I’d be willing to put money on this being exactly what it is, now that I think about exactly what data was scraped and exactly what I saw personally during the remake’s development.”

Demon’s Souls Remake released in November 2020 as a PS5 launch title. The game received universal praise.