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PSA: PlayStation Direct PS5 Restock Happening Today, Check Your Email for an Exclusive Invite

Sony has sent out another batch of PlayStation 5 purchase invites to PlayStation Network users, enabling them to use a unique link tied to their ID in order to purchase a console via PlayStation Direct. If you haven’t already, check your email before 12 pm PT / 3 pm ET today.

As pointed out by Twitter user Wario64, unfortunately, there were no opportunities for the public to queue up the last couple of times PlayStation Direct had PS5s in stock, so you’ll need to have received the email in order to make a purchase. However, never say never. Sony may have excess inventory for a public queue.

The other unfortunate news is that, like last time, a lot of the exclusive PS5 purchase invites have been sent out to folks who already own the console. Some PS5 owners have reported that this is the second or third time they’ve received such an email. While this is extremely frustrating for those who haven’t received a single invite and have yet to get their hands on a PS5, folks who have received multiple invites have been using the opportunity to buy the console for their friends and family. If someone you trust has received another invite, you know what to do.

We’re short of answers as to why Sony keeps sending out these emails to existing owners because the company should be able to identify PS5 owners by their PSN data. For now, all we can do is update our readers when there’s a stock update.