PS5 Digital Edition revision

Revised PS5 Digital Edition is Now 300g Lighter Than Before, but Why is a Mystery

A new revised version of the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition console has appeared on the official Sony Japan website. As spotted by Twitter user @Renka_schedule, the new model is now 300 grams lighter than the original version. Why the console is lighter appears to be a mystery as the product manuals appear to show very little difference between them.

The new CFI-1100B01 model does have a new screw that fastens the console to its base, now being a thumb screw rather than one requiring a coin or screwdriver to tighten. However, there appears to be no change to its performance or specifications from the original CFI-1000B edition, so what exactly has changed to produce a 300g (nearly 2/3 of a pound) difference in weight is unknown.

Rumors of a redesigned console have been circling for a while. Although this wasn’t purported to start production until next year, it seems like the revisions may have started early. The aim of the redesign would be to combat the component shortages that have plagued console production so far. The revised Digital Edition of the console will be sold in Japan starting at the end of this month, but it’s unclear if this new model is part of the component shortage solution. There’s no word on if or when the revised console will arrive at retail in other regions.

Despite the console shortage, the PlayStation 5 had the most successful console launch ever. Sony aims to achieve more than 50% market share in console games revenue with their latest console and their target for 2022 financial year is to sell  more than 23 million consoles. CEO Kenichi Yoshida has already stated the company aims to “ramp up” production of consoles to meet these targets. In the meantime, those still wanting to grab a PS5 console may have been lucky enough to receive an invite from PlayStation Direct today as they had a limited supply of consoles. At the time of writing, there doesn’t appear to be a queue system for those who did not receive an invite.

[Source: Sony Japan via Twitter (translation via ResetEra)]