Ratchet & Clank Fall Guys event

PSA: Ratchet & Clank Limited Time Event Begins Today in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 5 began last week, bringing new levels, obstacles, costumes, and a host of other content for players to earn. One of the other new features introduced with the season is Limited Time Events, and the first of those has begun today with a Ratchet & Clank crossover. Players can earn Ratchet themed items from now until August 1st, while Clank items will be available the following week, starting August 2. Those who manage to complete both events will earn a Rivet-themed banner.

The iconic duo have fallen into the Blunderdome and have brought along special challenges for players to complete. Doing so will earn points that can be converted into rewards, including banners, colors, patterns, emotes, and costumes. The first of the two events is themed around everyone’s favorite lombax. From today, July 26, until August 1, the challenges players will need to complete are:

  • Dive 30 times: 100 points
  • Qualify from Survival Rounds 4 times: 100 points
  • Earn at least a bronze medal in any round 10 times: 100 points
  • Reach round 3 in Squad Duos Show: 100 points
  • Dive 50 times: 200 points
  • Earn at least a silver medal in any round 10 times: 200 points
  • Reach round 4 in Squad Duos Show: 200 points
  • Earn at least a gold medal in any round 5 times: 300 points
  • Qualify from Survival Rounds 10 times: 300 points
  • Win Squads Duos: 500 points

Players can earn points to unlock the following Ratchet-themed rewards:

  • Ratchet Banner: 300 points
  • Ratchet Color: 600 points
  • Lombax Pattern: 800 points
  • Ratchet Costume (Lower): 1400 points
  • Ratchet Costume (Upper): 1600 points
  • Groovitron Emote: 2000 points

The following week, beginning on August 6, players will then have nine days to earn enough points to redeem them for Clank-themed rewards. While the challenges weren’t revealed, expect them to be along similar themes. The following items will be available until August 15:

  • Clank Banner: 300 points
  • Clank Colour: 600 points
  • Clank Pattern: 800 points
  • Clank Costume (Lower): 1400 points
  • Clank Costume (Upper): 1600 points
  • Clank’s Laugh Emote: 2000 points

Season 5 began on July 20 and takes players deep into the jungle. The seasonal update added six new levels, enhancements to squad modes, new costumes, and a new Fame Path that includes 50 levels of rewards to unlock. Make sure to get started soon if you want to unlock all of the rewards. Developer Mediatonic is really making players work to unlock the rewards in the upper tiers of the Fame Path.

Do you plan on playing some Fall Guys to earn the Ratchet & Clank cosmetics?

[Source: Fall Guys, Twitter]