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Ghost of Tsushima Iki Expansion Will Present a Challenge Even if Players Have Finished the Main Game

Ghost of Tsushima‘s Iki Island expansion won’t be a simple affair regardless of how far you are into the main story. That’s according to Creative and Art Director Jason Connell, who told IGN that Sucker Punch Productions has scaled difficulty in such a way that even if players have completed the base game, Iki will still present a challenge.

“Whether you go there right at the beginning of act two, or you go there at the end of the game, a challenge will be presented because we’re scaling the difficulty of it,” Connell said. “If you’ve already gone all the way to the end of the game, it’s not like it’s going to be a breeze. It’s still going to have a challenge for you, which is important considering the way that we’ve implemented this.”

While Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut won’t have new weapons or stances, Jin’s horse will have new skills.

“You can see it do a charge, which is super exciting,” Connell added, referring to the Director’s Cut trailer. “And then there’s a bunch of other stuff that we’ll obviously want some people to play and find out for themselves.”

Outside of gameplay, one major addition to the Director’s Cut is Japanese lip sync. According to Sucker Punch, technical limitations of the PlayStation 4 prevented the studio from adding this feature in the past.

“The way we were making cutscenes and cinematics, and logistical time constraints, we just couldn’t make it happen,” Connell continued. “We had a chance to reevaluate that and make it happen this time.”

[Source: IGN]