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Former Ubisoft Devs Open New Studio to Create AAA RPGs Without ‘Massive Open Worlds Full of Icons to Clean Up’

A group of former Ubisoft developers have decided that they no longer want to make role-playing games with “massive open worlds full of icons to clean up.” As a result, they have opened a new studio, called Nesting Games, under 505 Games‘ parent company, Digital Bros.

In recent years, there has been a lot of criticism of open world games with a nauseating amount of “?” on their maps, forcing players to go on endless filler quests to progress in the campaign. Ubisoft’s cookie-cutter open-world design with features like tower-climbing is oft cited as one of the things that simply need to go. Nesting Games’ Chief Creative Officer, Jordane Thiboust, agrees.

“We want to go back to creating RPGs that are focused on immersion, great characters, powerful storytelling, and strong gameplay,” he said in a press release. “We are moving away from the ‘massive open world’ model, full of icons to clean up, and returning to experiences that are content-driven and ultimately respect the player’s time. Whether you play our games for 30 minutes or a two-hour session, what you will get is always interesting content and a gratifying experience.”

Digital Bros has promised to allow Nesting Games the creative freedom it requires to turn its ideas into games.

“We are extremely grateful to be co-owner of Nesting Games and collaborating with extremely experienced and visionary developers,” owners Abramo and Raffaele Galante said. “Quebec City is a new hub of the video game industry, one where we trust Nesting Games will be able to create exceptional games with the complete creative freedom Digital Bros offers them.”