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Report: Troy Baker and Roger Clark Working on New Game Called Fort Solis, Will Feature ‘Top-Notch’ Graphics

According to an article published on a Polish website, Joel voice actor Troy Baker and Arthur Morgan voice actor Roger Clark are working on a new game called Fort Solis, which is in development at a studio called Fallen Leaf. Interestingly, Clark published a photo of him and Baker in mo-cap suits over on Instagram just a day ago.


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Going by a translation of the article provided on ResetEra, Fort Solis seems to be in development at Fallen Leaf’s branches in Warsaw, Poland and Liverpool, UK. There are currently 20 developers working on the title between both offices.

Fort Solis is a game from a third person perspective,” a translation of the article reads. “The plot focuses on the fate of two heroes: Jacek and Jessica. Responding to an SOS signal from a nearby Mars research facility, Jack heads to the site to investigate it. Tension and subsequent events begin to intertwine with a sandstorm that cut off the base from the world. The production budget is estimated at PLN 10 million, and the game is to debut on PC and consoles in the first quarter of 2023.”

The article claims that Fallen Leaf will have a vertical slice of Fort Solis ready by the end of this year, and will begin talks with major publishers in early 2022. Apparently, the studio already has talks planned with Sony, Microsoft, and Epic Games.

“The graphics in Fort Solis will be top notch in terms of character models, animations and environments,” said Fallen Leaf co-founder James Tinsdale, per the article. “Thanks to the use of the latest solutions offered by the Unreal 5 engine, including ray tracing or motion-matching system. We want to create a spectacle for players that will resemble a Netflix series more than a video game.”

We’ll update our readers when we have more info.

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