Lies of P Gameplay

New Alpha Gameplay Footage Revealed For Lies of P, the Souls-Like Retelling of Pinocchio

Publisher Neowiz and Seoul-based developer Round 8 Studio have revealed the first gameplay footage for Lies of P, a Souls-like action RPG with a grim baroque twist. The new trailer features some familiar combat mechanics such as parrying, as well as some more unique ones such as a grappling hook. The game is planned to release for the PlayStation 5, as well as PC, Google Stadia, and Xbox Series X in 2023.

Lies of P is a grim retelling of the classic Pinocchio story, with the player controlling a mechanical version of the titular character. Pinocchio will explore the abandoned city of Krat in search of his creator Geppetto. Players can also use new mechanical attachments, weapons, and abilities to defeat the grotesque and horrifying automatons that roam the streets. From the looks of the new trailer, the automatons have taken over the city and killed any humans that they come across.

The new gameplay footage showcases some of the unique weapons and abilities players will take advantage of in their journies. In addition to large sabers, rapiers, gear-axes, and knives, Pinocchio will also have a special attachment on his left arm. He can equip a flamethrower to burn down any oncoming enemies, and a grappling hook that can pull enemies towards him from across buildings.

The enemies also come in varying sizes, from large robots resembling old-fashioned police to mechanical dogs and children. Interestingly, the trailer shows a robot hung from the rafters of a bridge with the term “APAB” written — likely meaning “All Puppets Are Bastards” — echoing similar political slogans used during protests against police brutality in the past few years. What this means for the game’s narrative as a whole is not yet clear, but it does point to some pretty negative sentiment towards the game’s protagonist who is himself a “puppet”.

You can check out the Lies of P alpha gameplay trailer below: