Dying Light 2 Photo Mode

Dying Light 2 Will Get New Game Plus and Photo Mode DLC

Some of fans’ most requested features will soon be making their way to Dying Light 2: Stay Human, including New Game Plus mode and a Photo Mode. Techland also explained their plans for the game’s first year include adding more content to the year 1 DLC roadmap, as well as explaining why the story DLC is unlikely to follow on from the events of the main game.

When will Dying Light 2 get New Game Plus and Photo Mode?

Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 New Game Plus, Photo Mode and additional difficulty levels are all features that will be “added in one form or another into the game” very soon. At the moment, all of the features are “being worked on” and lead game designer Tymon Smektała told Game Informer that he didn’t “want to go into too many specifics” on any of them. While there is no set release date yet, all of the content “will be in player hands within the next one to three months”, so between April and June.

Smektała also said they would “add more to that first-year roadmap“. The content currently planned for the game’s first year will include both online multiplayer and single-player content. Some will focus on the game’s narrative, while others will focus on different gameplay aspects like melee-focused combat and parkour. The latter has already seen the release of the free parkour challenges with another set due to be released in May. Mutated-infected events will begin next month and the first story DLC will be released in June.

The game’s story ended with players making choices that left protagonist Aiden, his allies and his enemies in a position that would make it difficult to add story DLC to the end of the game. As such, the first story DLC will happen “sideways to the main events.” Smektała said they would begin adding content that expands upon the game’s ending “at some point” but it will “definitely” be a challenge.

In other news, a new skin was added to Fortnite’s Icon series today, March 24. The skin is based on Chloe Kim, two-time Olympic gold medalist for the women’s snowboarding halfpipe. Elsewhere, Telltale has confirmed players don’t need to play The Wolf Among Us before they jump into The Wolf Among Us 2 as the latter will be a standalone story with a first episode that explains everything players need to know.