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GTA 6 Hacker Allegedly Sold GTA 5 Source Code Before Arrest

The hacker reportedly responsible for the GTA 6 leak allegedly sold the GTA 5 source code before being arrested, it has been claimed. Although the City of London Police promptly confirmed the arrest of the 17-year-old hacker after private data from Rockstar Games was leaked, evidence suggests that they were able to sell GTA 5’s code via Telegram before they were detained.

GTA 5 source code reportedly sold by GTA 6 hacker

The GTA 6 leaker reportedly took to the messaging app Telegram in order to field buyers for GTA 5’s source code, with an admin for the private group in which it was sold sharing what is said to be a censored screenshot of the contents sold (Reddit, via GameRevolution). The admin claims that the hacker — going by the name ‘teapot’ — used the group to sell the GTA 5 source code the day after the GTA 6 leaks went live, and that they found a buyer. However, the buyer is now allegedly attempting to sell the code, too.

According to a screenshot of a message with the admin, the Telegram group “is the only group where the leaker talked and he used it to sell the gta 5 source code,’ adding that “the leaker made sure to sell it before getting arrested.”

The GTA 6 hack is believed to be the work of the hacking group Lapsus$, with Uber also being the target of a similar attack. Since March 2022, at least seven Lapsus$ members in the U.K. have been arrested due to a series of similar attacks against the likes of Samsung, Nvidia, and Microsoft.