Silent Hill New Games PS5 Exclusive

Silent Hill Transmission’s New Games May Be PS5 Exclusive

Players will finally get to see what Konami has planned for the Silent Hill franchise later on today when the Silent Hill Transmission goes live. However, the Youtube tags on the Silent Hill Transmission stream video about the new games may have already given the game away, revealing a look at the upcoming movie, a remake, and a whole new game that may be PS5 exclusive.

Silent Hill Transmission hints at PS5 exclusive games

The Silent Hill Transmission stream is due to go live at 2 PM PT today, October 19. After a ResetEra member extracted the video’s tags, they seemingly confirm that we’ll get to see a Silent Hill 2 Remake and a brand new game called Silent Hill: Ascension, and there’s only mention of PlayStation and Steam for the platforms, suggesting they will be exclusive to PS5 and potentially PS4.

Rumors have long hinted at both games being in development. The Silent Hill 2 Remake is reportedly in development at Bloober Team and will be a timed PlayStation exclusive, although whether this is PS5 only or includes PS4 remains to be seen. Bloober Team had confirmed a partnership with Konami back in June 2021 but has so far refused to comment on the Silent Hill rumors. Meanwhile, the brand new Silent Hill: Ascension game comes as no surprise following the latest “confirmation” of multiple Silent Hill games in production. At least we won’t have to wait much longer to see what the publisher has up its sleeve.