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Leaked PS5 Sci-fi Game Might Be in Development at People Can Fly

More information about the recently-leaked new PS5 IP, rumored to be a sci-fi game, has surfaced since the publication of our previous article. According to yesterday’s reports, the game is in development at an external European studio. Now, internet sleuths have uncovered some compelling evidence that the studio in question might be People Can Fly – the team behind Outriders, Bulletstorm, and Gears of War.

Why fans think People Can Fly is making the new PS5 sci-fi IP

The footage that leaked yesterday (and has since been removed from both the source as well as ResetEra) carried the caption “RED.” ResetEra user modiz then pointed out that a project code named RED was mentioned in People Can Fly’s financial report. The company revealed that RED is one of the projects it’s working on to expand its portfolio, and it was in the concept development phase at the time the report was published.

There’s reason to believe that Sony may have tapped People Can Fly for its sci-fi shooter/RPG. People Can Fly is no stranger to the genre, having worked on Outriders, Bulletstorm, and Gears of War games. Its parent company, Epic Games, is a major Sony Interactive Entertainment partner.

Insiders have told fans to expect more leaks in due course.