How To Lay PS5 on Its Side

How To Lay PS5 on Its Side To Avoid Potential Damage

Following the hot topic of vertical PS5s dying from liquid metal leaking inside, many users are wanting to lay the PS5 on its side to avoid any potential damage. Unfortunately, that can be trickier than it seems, as the PS5 doesn’t have a flat horizontal edge, which means it wobbles. Thankfully, this guide is here to help. Here’s how to lay the PS5 flat on its side using the stand.

How to lay the PS5 flat on its side

To lay the PS5 flat on its side, users should:

  • Adjust the stand included with the PS5 to the horizontal position.
  • Attach the stand to the new bottom side of the PS5.
    • The shape symbols found beneath the rear USB ports show where the stand will attach.
  • Place the console carefully in its final place.
  • When letting the system rest, be sure that the stand is fully secure, as the PS5 can slip out easily.
    • Double-sided tape is often recommended to help encourage the stand to remain in place.

Can you lay the PS5 flat without attaching the stand?

While officially Sony doesn’t recommend laying the PS5 flat without attaching the stand, I’ve personally been using my PS5 in the horizontal position with no stand attached. While it does wobble a little, I’ve not noticed any other negative effects.

Those who don’t make use of the included stand do so at their own risk.

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