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Xbox Activision Deal: Microsoft Subpoenas Sony to Help Fight FTC Lawsuit

The Microsoft Activision deal has taken yet another bizarre turn as the Xbox maker subpoenaed Sony to help fight its FTC lawsuit. You read that right: Microsoft wants Sony to divulge PlayStation Studios video game pipeline so it can fight claims that Sony would be harmed by its acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

How the subpoena will impact FTC’s Microsoft Activision deal lawsuit

As reported by Game Developer (via N4G), Microsoft wants Sony to reveal the scope of PlayStation’s game production so that it can challenge claims that the acquisition would harm Sony’s revenue and future console releases in the event that popular games like Call of Duty become Xbox exclusive.

According to legal documents, the subpoena was served on January 17th with a deadline of January 20th for a response, but Sony filed for an extension that now gives it until January 27th to either respond in some capacity or move to quash the subpoena. At the moment, both parties are in talks.

“Negotiations between SIE and Microsoft as to the scope of SIE’s production and a discovery schedule are ongoing,” reads the document on FTC’s website. “Through correspondence with Microsoft counsel, SIE understands that Microsoft agrees with the relief requested in this motion.”

You can’t make this up!