How To Get the PS5 Beta Firmware

How To Get the PS5 Beta Firmware in February 2023

PS5 beta firmware for February 2023 has been deployed. Those with access to the beta through the early access program can try out Discord, VRR for 1440p, additional accessibility features, and more. For looking for access, here’s how to get the new PS5 beta firmware.

How to access and download PS5 beta firmware

To access and download PS5 beta firmware, like the 7.00 update that has been released for February 2023, users must:

  1. First, register their interest on the official PlayStation website here.
  2. Next, monitor the registered email inbox and keep an eye out for an email from PlayStation.
  3. If selected, those in the beta program will receive alerts when a new beta firmware is available.
  4. Once a beta is available, users need to sign into their PS5 and update their console.
    • Head to Settings > System > System Software > System Software Update and Settings > Update System Software (beta) > Update.
  5. Let the installation finish and enjoy early access to upcoming PS5 features.

It’s worth reiterating that beta firmware is a work in progress, so bugs and glitches are more likely to appear.

For those who want as stable an experience as possible, waiting for the public release may be a better idea.

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