New PS5 Update 23.01-07.01.00

New PS5 Update 23.01-07.01.00 Patch Notes Detail Discord Fix

A new PS5 update for today, March 14, is now rolling out across all regions. Upon booting their PlayStation 5 consoles, users will see “Update 23.01-07.01.00” available to download and install. Doing so will implement a key fix for one of the console’s newly-added features. Read on for the PS5 7.01 update patch notes.

New PS5 Update March 14 patch notes

Here are the short, yet sweet, new PS5 update 23.01-07.01.00 patch notes:

Version: 23.01-07.01.00

  • We’ve fixed an issue that was causing Discord voice chat to disconnect.

For those who have been struggling to get Discord to work following the big 7.00 patch, hopefully the fix included in update 7.01 can solve it.

While this fix is great to see, it still doesn’t make getting Discord to work on the PS5 any less convoluted. To help get users hooked up and connected to Disord on PS5 and talking to their friends across all systems, we put together this handy guide.

This might not be the most exciting patch for those who don’t use Discord, but I’m sure it won’t be too long before Sony is rolling out other software features to help enhance their current-gen system.

If you’re still playing on the last-gen PS4, you’ll be happy to know that it is still receiving love from Sony. Recently, it was updated to 10.50. Here are the patch notes.