Final Fantasy 16 collector's edition

Final Fantasy 16 Collector’s Edition Being Scalped on eBay

We saw this coming a mile away. Final Fantasy 16 Collector’s Edition is already being scalped on eBay, with exorbitant price tags and shipping costs. The Collector’s Edition was pricey to begin with at $349.99/£329.99, but with pre-orders flying off Square Enix‘s virtual store shelves, all that’s left are up to $1,000 worth of eBay listings.

Final Fantasy 16 Collector’s Edition will be available on June 22, 2023

As spotted by TheGamer, the eBay listings are from a variety of countries with absurd shipping costs for buyers. The cheapest listings, some of which already have quite a few prospective buyers “watching,” start at about $550.

Considering the fact that Final Fantasy 16’s Collector’s Editions won’t be available until launch in June, all of these listings are for pre-ordered editions. We’re sure some of them are genuine pre-orders but there is also a possibility of sellers defrauding buyers by falsely claiming to have a pre-order secured.

Scalpers have become a huge part of online sales for in-demand items, so as much as we expect to see this, it’s still pretty sad.

Those who want to buy the Collector’s Edition are currently being put on a waiting list by Square Enix.