Spider-Man 2's Character Switching Detailed

Spider-Man 2’s Character Switching Detailed by Insomniac

The Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 demo during the PlayStation Showcase had a key moment where the player pressed the Square button to switch to Miles Morales. Many had questions after about how character swapping was handled since it wasn’t clear if it would be based purely on the narrative. Insomniac Games has now come out and detailed how this mechanic will play out in the final game and when players can take advantage of Spider-Man 2’s character switching.

How the Spider-Man 2 character switching works

As spotted by Gematsu, game director Ryan Smith told Famitsu that players can move between the two Spider-Men freely within the (significantly larger) open world. Missions are a little different since some parts may require one specific Spider-Man, while others give users more freedom.

“There are things that are exclusive to a specific character depending on the content, but we’re also preparing content that allows you to play as whichever character you like,” said Smith. “While they’re both Spider-Man and have some things in common, Miles is speedier than Peter, and they each have their own quirks, so we hope you can choose your favorite character.”

It seems a bit like Grand Theft Auto V which had missions that locked players to certain characters, as well as ones that were more open and an open world that, for the most part, allowed users to freely switch between the different characters.