Crash Team Rumble Season 1 Roadmap

Crash Team Rumble Season 1 Roadmap Adds Ripper Roo and N.Gin

Crash Team Rumble Season 1 will launch with the game later this month.

A newly revealed roadmap reveals two new heroes for the season: Ripper Roo and N. Gin. The roadmap also explained what players can expect from the game at launch.

Crash Team Rumble Season 1 roadmap also shows a new map and power

Crash Team Rumble Season 1 will introduce a new map called Bogged Down, which is set in the midst of a misty swamp. It will also introduce a TNT Sticky Bomb power, with Ripper Roo and N.Gin as the two new heroes.

These were briefly shown during the gameplay launch trailer. The trailer also indicated seasons will continue to introduce new limited-time game modes and special events.

The season will run from June 20 until September 11, although neither Toys for Bob nor Activision Blizzard specified whether the content will be available at the start of the season. However, they have said that the Battle Pass is not required to unlock new characters. The two new heroes will likely be available to earn through Season 1’s in-game challenges.

When the game launches on June 20, it will include eight heroes who specialize in scoring, blocking, or boosting. The image shows four maps and four powers, but does come with the promise of “more” of each. Season 2 was also briefly mentioned and will come with new maps, heroes, and powers just like Season 1. Those who purchase the standard edition of the game will automatically get the Season 1 Premium Battle Pass, while those who pluck for the Deluxe Edition will get access to the Premium Battle Pass for both Season 1 and 2.