Scry Artic Fan Promises to Dramatically Cool Your PS5, Kickstarter Now Live

Scry Artic Fan Promises to Dramatically Cool Your PS5, Kickstarter Now Live

The planet is only getting hotter, but Scry is trying to at least make sure your PlayStation 5 stays cool. The Scry Artic (not “Arctic”) is an upcoming accessory latches onto the back of the PS5 and allegedly sucks the hot air out of the system more quickly. And its Kickstarter campaign has just gone live.

The Scry Artic is full of fans

This Kickstarter campaign is asking for $7,439 and shipments will begin for backers in October 2023. Backing at around $29 nets users a fan with a one-year warranty and free shipping, which is a price cut from its normal $59.90 price.

The Scry Artic uses six high-speed fans that run at 10,000 RPM to keep the PS5 cool. Scry claims that, despite the potential for more noise, it only hovers around 40 decibels, which is around the “same noise level as a library.” According to Scry, the fans are built to work in unison to continually extract high volumes of heat. Using thermal imaging devices while playing Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Scry showed during its test that a PS5 without an Artic attached to it was around 136 degrees Fahrenheit internally, while one with an Artic hovered around 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

It goes around many of the ports on the back of the system (like the ones for HDMI, power, and ethernet) and plugs into one of the USB ports. However, it also has SuperSpeed USB passthrough with speeds up to 10 Gbps, meaning it doesn’t actually take up a USB port. The Artic even supports both PS5 models and horizontal or vertical orientation and also has white LEDs that light up to show that it’s on.