PS5 Slim horizontal stand

PS5 Slim’s Horizontal Stand Mocked by Players

Following months of rumors, Sony recently unveiled the PS5 Slim alongside dropping the news that the console’s vertical stand will be sold separately. The news was met with criticism considering the launch model came with a dual-purpose stand. Meanwhile, the free horizontal stand that’s included in the package has also received special attention.

PS5 Slim’s horizontal stand gets the meme treatment

The PS5 Slim’s horizontal stand is curiously tiny, and going by the official images, its size looks disproportionate compared to the console. Without actually getting our hands on the new model, we can’t say how robust this horizontal stand is, but the internet couldn’t wait to give its initial feedback.

As for the vertical stand, a number of players argued that selling vertical stands separately is nothing new as they’ve been sold as an accessory since the PS2 era. However, others pointed out that the PS2, PS3, and even the PS4 didn’t require any accessories to be placed vertically. But buying a stand was considered a safe option to avoid knocking the consoles over.

The PS5, unfortunately, cannot be placed upright without a stand. Placing it horizontally is free but takes up quite a bit of space.