PS5 Slim Announced, Release Date Window Set By Sony

PS5 Slim Vertical Stand Being Sold Separately, Price Revealed

The recently announced PS5 Slim will require a separate stand for users who want to stand up the console vertically.

According to a post on the PlayStation Blog announcing the new PS5 model, Sony noted that the console will come with a horizontal stand for those who want to lay down the console. However, fans who want to stand the PlayStation 5 up — without putting it on its base, presumably — will have to pick up an extra accessory, as Sony is also selling a new vertical stand for $29.99.

What else do we know about the PS5 Slim?

It’s currently unclear just how the new PS5 models can be stood up without getting a vertical stand, if it can be at all. The new console has seen the PlayStation 5 reduced in volume by more than 30%, with its weight dropped by 18% and 24% for both the Standard and Digital Editions, respectively.

Prices for the Standard Edition of the new PS5 model will remain the same at $499.99. The new PS5 Digital Edition, however, will see a small price increase and now retail for $449.99, a bump from its original $399.99 price.

Sony also announced that a standalone, attachable Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Drive — something that was also rumored to be coming — will be sold separately for $79.99 to those who purchase the new PS5 Digital Edition but want a disc drive later on. A new Vertical Stand compatible with all models of the PS5 will also be made available soon for $29.99 from Sony.