Support for PlayStation Trophies on PC Seemingly in the Works

Support for PlayStation Trophies on PC Seemingly in the Works

It looks like Sony has begun testing support for PlayStation trophies on PC as part of its efforts to fully integrate the PlayStation Network with its PC games. PSN integration was previously added via a patch for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered’s Steam version.

A mysterious set of PlayStation trophies for PC has appeared on PSN

Folks over at TrueTrophies — a website that pulls trophy data directly from the PSN backend — came across a trophy list that lists “PSPC” as one of its platforms other than the PS5. TrueTrophies was able to confirm that this list was separate from PS5 trophies, and what’s more is that it wasn’t attached to any particular game, hinting at a test of some kind.

If TrueTrophies’ hypothesis is correct, Sony seems to be one step closer to fully integrating PSN with PC games. We know the company has been working on this since the aforementioned update for Spider-Man’s PC version last October.

Sony has made no secret of its desire to expand its PC portfolio as the games industry becomes increasingly competitive and AAA budgets continue to balloon, mandating expanded revenue streams. Going forward, Sony’s first-party and third-party PlayStation console exclusive multiplayer games will be released on PC day and date.