PlayStation Visual Arts Group Hit by Layoffs Again

PlayStation Visual Arts Group Hit by Layoffs Again

The PlayStation Visual Arts Group has been hit by a second round of layoffs in 2023. From the sound of things, some of the employees anticipated the layoffs but were understandably distraught.

PlayStation Visual Arts Group previously underwent layoffs in May 2023

News of the layoffs came from LinkedIn posts of now former employees spotted by folks over at VGC. Daniel Bellemare, who worked at PSVAG for just six months as Senior Level Designer wrote that he worked on some “incredible projects” in this short span of time. Bellemare has games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and upcoming AC game code named Red in his portfolio.

Another former employee Sean Teo revealed that his “contract came to an end.” Teo had been with PSVAG for nearly two years as Character Rigging Artist, and contributed to games like The Last of Us Part 1. Teo and Bellemare were joined by one Matt Barney in announcing the layoffs. Barney said that he had been anticipating the layoffs and had an opportunity to leave Sony, but didn’t want to.

PSVAG previously underwent a round of layoffs in May this year. Like last time, Sony has made no statement on the matter so the full extent of redundancies is not known.