Ghost of Tsushima movie update

Ghost of Tsushima Movie Update Given by Director

Ghost of Tsushima movie director Chad Stahelski (John Wick series) has finally broken his silence and provided a promising update for fans. The movie was announced nearly three years ago, but there has barely been any news until now.

Ghost of Tsushima movie almost has its “s— together”

In a new interview with ScreenRant, Stahelski confirmed that Ghost of Tsushima’s script is done, and the production team is “very close to getting our s— together.” He showered the game with praise and said that it’s one of the IPs he’s most interested in. Stahelski also confirmed that the recent Hollywood strikes slowed things down, but that will soon change.

“Development is always tricky. It’s studios, it’s strikes, and availabilities, and scouting,” Stahelski explained. “You have to will things into existence. I think the two things that I am closest and most interested in are Highlander and Ghost of Tsushima. Both amazing, amazing properties, the story of Ghost is, also, one of my favorite properties of all time.”

Stahelski has previously expressed his fondness for the game and talked about doing its story justice. He also wants to recreate Ghost of Tsushima’s “amazing” visuals for the big screen and retain its style.