PS5 Slim Requires Players to Pair Disc Drive Online

PS5 Slim Doesn’t Need Vertical Stand, Disc Drive Is Very Easy to Remove

A teardown video of the PS5 Slim reveals that the console’s disc drive is easily removable and players don’t necessarily need to purchase a vertical stand to place it upright after all. The new PS5 model made its way to some players and content creators well ahead of time, thanks to which we’ve already seen its insides.

PS5 Slim disc and digital editions weighed

The PS5 Slim’s disc edition weighs 3.3 kg compared to the original’s 3.9 kg weight, per YouTuber Dave2D. The digital edition is 2.6 kg, whereas the original digital model weighs 3.2 kg. Despite its sleeker look, Dave2D concludes that the Slim model “isn’t that much smaller.”

Sony has made the disc drive super easy to remove, so players won’t have to juggle with a bunch of tools. As demonstrated in the video above, all it takes is sliding the panel off and lifting up the drive. Additionally, the PS5 Slim is sturdy enough that folks who don’t want to fork out cash for a vertical stand can simply place the console upright and not worry about knocking it off.

Dave2D was critical of the horizontal stand, however, and the console’s “cheaper” look and feel compared to the original.