Digital Comics Reader Live Now [Update]

The PlayStation Network has conquered games, bringing high quality innovative titles to the PlayStation family, it has conquered movies, bringing high definition blockbuster titles at competitive prices, and now, the PSN is set to conquer the digital comics market. The Digital Comics Reader, a service that aims to bring everyone’s favourite comics to the PlayStation Portable, is set to be one of the hottest additions to the handheld this year. Now, the reader is being rolled out across different countries in the world as it’s store goes live today.

by Sebastian Moss
December 16th, 2009

Spidey Coming to PlayStation Home

With the Digital Comics Reader set to hit the PlayStation Portable next month, and possibly the PlayStation 3 after that, one could be forgiven for believing that that was all Sony had planned for the service. Now, in an interview with Pete Stott, designer of the service, PlayStation LifeStyle has uncovered plans for a PlayStation Home space for the Digital Comics Reader.

by Sebastian Moss
December 1st, 2009

Sony Looking Into Digital Comics For The PS3

The hotly anticipated Digital Comics Reader is set to bring comic based goodness to the PSP this December, marking the first time such a service comes to a gaming device. Since its announcement gamers have been enquiring whether the reader will come to the PS3, as it would be a perfect fit for the multimedia hub. In a recent interview with Pete Scott, the designer of the service, PlayStation LifeStyle asked if the reader will come to the PlayStation 3.

by Sebastian Moss
November 27th, 2009

PSLS Presents – Pete Stott, Sony Digital Comics

The Digital Comics Reader on the PlayStation Portable is set to launch mid-December, bringing everything from the latest Spiderman comic to everyone’s favourite graphic novels to the handheld. To celebrate the upcoming release of the service, PlayStation LifeStyle travelled to Sony London Studio’s headquarters and interviewed Pete Stott, designer of Sony Digital Comics, to talk about the Reader, its features and its future plans for the PS3.

by Sebastian Moss
November 24th, 2009
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