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Ask PSLS: DualShock 4 or DualShock Forgotten?

G.A.F.F. – Gamers Against Forced Features

Ask PSLS: What Was Your Favorite Game From the First Half of 2014?

Survey says…

inFamous: First Light Release Date Confirmed by Sucker Punch

Shine a light this August.

Fetch’s Neon Powers in inFamous: First Light are “Kind of Raw”

Fetch “moves so much faster” than Delsin.

Japanese Sales Chart: inFamous: Second Son Debuts to Just Under 35,000 Copies Sold

Wii U beats out PS4 and PS3.

Sony’s April 2014 NPD Response: PS4 Demand “Continues to Outstrip Supply”

inFamous: Second Son was the #1 new-gen title.

Sucker Punch: “Most of the Studio is Already Hard at Work on What’s Next”

inFamous; Second Son’s Photo Mode only took a few days to implement.

Don’t Expect inFamous: Second Son’s Paper Trail to Give you the Paper Power

Concrete beats paper.

March 2014 NPD: PS4 is #1 Yet Again, Titanfall Beats inFamous: Second Son

South Park did quite well.

Sucker Punch GDC Presentation Talks About Development of inFamous: Second Son and Developing for the PS4

Sucker Punch, Bentley, lots of computer words, but no Sly Cooper

April 17th inFamous: Second Son Patch Adds Frame Rate Cap, Photo Mode, More

Please don’t take a selfie…

Titanfall was the UK’s #1 Selling Game in March 2014, inFamous: Second Son 4th

Thief stole second.

inFamous: Second Son Sells 1 Million Copies in its First 9 Days

It’s the fastest selling inFamous game in the series.

March 2014 PlayStation Store Sales Charts in Europe Have inFamous at #1 on PS4

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster doesn’t even chart on PS Vita.

March 2014 PlayStation Store Sales Charts in North America See Final Fantasy at #1 on Vita

inFamous: Second Son was #1 on PS4.

Video Game Locations You Can Visit in the Real World

Revisit some of your favorite moments in gaming.

The Video Game Collective: Amazon’s Fire TV, 3DS, Metal Gear and inFamous Postmortems

The cross-site podcast is back.

Upcoming inFamous: Second Son Patch to Add HUD Removal Option, Capped Framerate, More

The standard bug fixes should also present in this update.