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Bandai Namco TGS 2017 live stream

Watch the Bandai Namco TGS 2017 Live Stream – Day One

They’ve got Summer Lesson. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

You’ll Be Able to Play the Next Taiko Drum Master PS4 Game in English

Get the rhythm!

10 Import Friendly Vita Games Worth Playing

Made in Japan.

Taiko Drum Master: V Version Review – Drum, They Told Me (Vita Import)

Don-ka, don-ka, don-don-DON!

Idolmaster Teams With Taiko for New Vita Game

Coming this winter in Japan

Taiko Drum Master: V Version at a Glance – Still Marching to the Same Drummer (Vita)

Base game explored, more details on the RPG mode to come.

20 Screenshots of Taiko Drum Master: V Version Show Drumming and… Well, More Drumming

Drummy Drummerton, that’s your name.

Taiko Drum Master Vita Has 4-Player Action, New Trailer

Use ad-hoc to jam with your buds.

12 Screens: Taiko Drum Master Vita’s RPG Mode Guest Characters Shown

Freedom Wars, Ys, [email protected], Tekken, and more.

Taiko Drum Master Vita Song List, Video Revealed

Featuring Yawaraka Sensha, heck yes!