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tekken 7 anniversary dlc

Tekken 7’s First Anniversary Comes With Lots of Free DLC

Happy 1st Anniversary, Tekken 7!

Tekken 7 Requires 42GB of Space on PS4

Pre-order for an exclusive theme,

Tekken 7 Release Date Being Announced Next Week

What a tease.

Tekken 7 Lee Chaolan

Lee Chaolan Returns to Tekken 7

A new challenger has entered the tournament…

Tekken 7 Fated Retribution Trailer Highlights New Rage Attack System

Unleash fury.

New Tekken 7 Fated Retribution Screenshots and Trailer Released

Screens initially leaked by South Korean rating board.

Tekken 7 Trailer Welcomes Back Nina Williams as Evo 2016 Dates and Lineup Confirmed

Evo 2016, abbreviated: SFV, SSBM, SSB4, MKX, GGXrd, KI, UMvC3, Pokken, T7FR.