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Firmware 2.41 brings (hidden) enhancements

July 8, 2008 Written by StalkingSilence

Along with the major enhancement – you know, the one that prevents your PS3 from bricking – PS3 Firmware 2.41 also includes some other minor enhancements.  I haven’t been home to download the new firmware today, so this reporting is based on many other people’s reports.  I just wanted to put it together in one place.

  • Addition of a fourth profile “tab” showing recently played games (only available for players in your Players Met section)
    Updated PS3 Profile

    Updated PS3 Profile

    • Update: Apparently this was already in Firmware 2.40, but a nice tucked away feature.
  • Replaced purple crown icon with a more unique platinum trophy icon

    New platinum trophy icon

    New platinum trophy icon

  • The XMB now runs smoother at times during gameplay of a PS3 title
  • “Do not turn off the system during the update. If you do, you may not be able to restart the PS3 system. Once the update is started you cannot go back to the previous version of the system software.” Beneath this quote there was a message with a checkbox: “Automatically shutdown system after update” – LinuxGuru
  • “A chime plays when you earn a trophy now” – DevonTheDude
    • Update: Apparently this was already in Firmware 2.40