Massive PlayStation Store Update Due Next Week

September 27, 2009Written by Sebastian Moss

The PlayStation Store updates every Thursday all over the world, bringing specific content to individual regions as well as demos, trailers and downloadable content for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. As the premiere source of all digital PlayStation wares, the Store is the cornerstone of Sony’s online offering. This week’s Store update was rather large, with numerous demos, some Batman: Arkham Asylum DLC and Zombie Apocalypse on the US Store. However, next week’s update is set to be even bigger.

Next Thursday’s update will coincide with the PSP Go’s release, Sony’s digital only portable gaming device. To help launch the device Sony is set to release a bumper update on the store. Mike Kebby, SCEE PlayStation Store Team member teased:

“Next week sees a LOT of PSP content coming to the store.
I’m probably going to be quite sparse with comments this week because I have so much planning to do for next week…but I hope next week you’ll all agree it’s worth it”

The European Blog author added:

“As long as everything I’m tracking for next week comes out of QA safely, then you’ll need a lot of fingers (borrow a few friends perhaps) to count each game being released next week”

Further continuing:

“Okay for those who have asked about Turtles In Time it’s coming next week!! (I just wanted to check with Ubisoft that they were happy for me to mention it)”

And if that wasn’t enough, he announced that:

“More dynamics coming next week – nothing to say about avatars as yet.”

Unfortunately, Kebby also let out:

“No PSOne Classics planned, but new PSP games and past UMD titles will be released.”

The PlayStation Store’s update next week is set to be truly spectacular, with the possible release of PSP Minis, Gran Turismo PSP and hundreds of PSP titles.