Energy Drink Spoils Modern Warfare 2 DLC

October 5, 2009Written by Joseph Peterson


Given the success of the Halo themed “Game Fuel” that occurred during the Halo 3 prelaunch, it seems as if Monster Energy is following suit with Modern Warfare 2. Infinity Ward and Monster have gotten together and planned  these “themed” drinks for your purchase, but that isn’t all you get when buying these, there is much more at hand.

Just by purchasing the drinks you are entered into drawings that will allow you to win many things, including the first map pack or even a copy of the game itself. It is set for release in Spring 2010, this is according to the box of the energy drinks themselves.

On every can in the Sam’s club exclusive 6-pack it states:

“Creator Infinity War hooked us up with an advanced copy of MW2 and we were so stoked on the game we put it on our can.”

Also by purchasing the pack of drinks you are given exclusive access to an online event at Infinity Ward, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Combat Training Experience.