BioWare’s Dragon Age to Embrace the PS3 in a Special Way

October 23, 2009Written by Jonathan Leack


Dragon Age: Origins is an action RPG by BioWare slated for release next month. Only a couple months ago, the PlayStation 3 version of the title was delayed to later November, while the PC and Xbox 360 counterparts are still aimed for an early November release. At any rate, there’s no telling which version might be favored, so until then consumers will have to wait a few extra weeks to cop the PlayStation 3 version of the title. However, there might be a bonus for those patiently awaiting the PlayStation 3 release of the title.

According to BioWare, there is an “exciting announcement” planned for the PlayStation 3 version of Dragon Age: Origins. What the announcement may or may not be is only drawn by speculation at this point, but there are a variety of rumors already circulating. One rumor is that the announcement might be a PlayStation Home space for Dragon Age, while others speculate that perhaps the PlayStation 3 version might be getting exclusive DLC.

With that said, hopefully the announcement is something that consumers can enjoy. The announcement is said to be revealed during a live chat with Lead Designer Mike Laidlaw and Executive Producer Mark Darrah on the PlayStation.Blog at 11AM PST.