Super Bowl to Be Set Aflame with Dante’s Inferno

February 5, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

One of the most widely anticipated releases of February 2010 is Visceral Games’ Dante’s Inferno. Dante’s Inferno is based on the famous poem of the same name, which in and of itself has brought lots of attention to the title. Even with millions of eyes staring at the release of this hot upcoming action-adventure title, Electronic Arts is looking to kick that up another notch.

Electronic Arts has announced that there will be a 30-second Dante’s Inferno commercial during the Super Bowl. This year’s Superbowl, Super Bowl XLIV, will be hosted on February 7th and is expected to draw over 100-million viewers worldwide. Dante’s Inferno has a North American release date of February 9th, and looks to profit from great timing.

Dante’s Inferno will join Bayonetta and God of War 3 as the hottest hack-and-slash action-adventure titles of 2010 next week when it finally drops.