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PlayStation Move Hands-On Impressions

March 27, 2010Written by Anthony Severino

Sports Champions is highly inspired by Wii Sports but in beautiful, full HD. This is an excellent strategy for Sony, because the different sporting events you can play perform much better than Wii Sports. Included in the roundup of sports events is Table Tennis, Archery and more. The most fun and appealing of the available “sports” was Gladiator Duel, a weapon based fighting game where you utilized 2 PlayStation Move controllers and manipulated them on screen as a sword and shield as you battled against fierce warriors. The crowd was literally cheering as one user was dealing devastating blow, after blow to his AI opponent.

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Move Party is a great family friendly motion controlled party game. Of the two “mini-games” I tried, one turned the Move controller into a hair clipper in your hand while you tried to buzz the hair off an on-screen character. The other turned it into a fan and you had to use your fan to “float” baby birds into their nests.  The PlayStation Eye is utilized to superimpose yourself into the game which adds to the fun. Certainly not deep hardcore gameplay, but definitely fun and appealing to a wide audience.

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One of the more original ideas I have seen in a long time is Sliders. Think: Pain meets Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater with a dash of Kung Fu. Your character zooms down a steep hillside riding on a rolling office chair. You have to dodge obstacles, swerve around corners, and grind rails like you would with a skateboard. Thrusting the Move controller toward the screen would result in a speed boost. The graphics were quite eye catching and detailed for a title such as this.  A screwball concept that works overall as it was a fun experience.

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