EA Says FIFA “Superior” to Konami’s PES

August 22, 2010Written by Zak Islam

The two mammoths within the sports genre, FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer, have been battling it out ever since their inception years ago. FIFA 10 was the clear winner last year as millions of football fans had praised EA Sports efforts for creating a much-improved sequel – where as Konami were slated off for the exact opposite with gamers saying that each PES installment has become too stagnant and it’s too identical to past iterations. The latest FIFA and PES games will both be releasing just days apart from each other clearly showcasing that Konami are confident to go head-to-head with EA Sports’ over-10-million-units sold FIFA series. EA had claimed that FIFA took a large majority of the footballing video game market share, and the publisher has again took a punt at Konami by saying FIFA is superior to PES.

Electronic Art’s European head, Jens Uwe Intat, told MCV during gamescom that the FIFA games have made vast improvements and the franchise will once again maintain its edge over the PES series.

“FIFA has been over the last couple of years on an excellent path and we continue to grow market share against Konami. That’s a result of EA choosing to work on fewer, bigger titles. Our games just get better and better – we have a clearly superior product to Konami, which I think wasn’t the case in the previous generation. Consumers – and even journalists – have come to understand this and the improvements we make; that all adds up to building market share there”

Intat also mentioned that FIFA 11 is a part of the ‘big trio’ of EA titles releasing over the duration of the next couple of months with Need For Speed Hot Pursuit and Medal of Honor rounding off the trio. The staement was expected as FIFA 10 has sold an accumulative of over 10 million units. A feat that will undoubtedly echo with EA Sport’s football title. FIFA 11 will be shooting into retail this Fall – a September 28th release date for North America and October 1st for European territories. Meanwhile, PES 2011 releases a mere 2 days after FIFA 11 with Konami’s umpteenth installment releasing on September 30th.