Guerrilla Confirms Killzone 3 Split-Screen Co-Op

December 14, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Split-screen has certainly proven to be popular amongst gamers, so it was a shame that Killzone 2 did not feature any sort of split-screen gameplay. Now, developer Guerrilla has confirmed that Killzone 3 will include the much-requested feature.

Guerrilla has addressed assumptions whether the third installment in the PlayStation exclusive Killzone series would feature split-screen co-op or not. The Sony-owned studio has confirmed via an interview that Killzone 3 will support split-screen co-op in the game’s single player campaign. While speaking to 1UP, studio manager Herman Hulst used the feature as an example of what the team is doing in terms of utilizing the PlayStation 3’s capabilities. Hulst has undoubtedly delighted millions of fans by saying:

“We found a lot of power after we completed Killzone 2. Just to give you an example on the graphics side: we pulled a level from Killzone 2 into the Killzone 3 engine and it ran at 50 percent. That’s how much power we’ve been able to find. You can see it in split-screen co-op. We had to do the double rendering anyway.”

By the looks of the image, which can be seen above, it all but confirmed that a split-screen feature for Killzone 3 would be present. The off-screen screenshot was taken from a preview code; it showcased both Sev and Nakto with the screen split into two sections. Now that Guerrilla has confirmed the feature will be available offline it’ll be definitely be interesting to see if split-screen co-op will make its way on the shooters’ multiplayer component as well as the offline modes.

Co-op in games, both offline and online, is a great way to tackle a campaign with your buddy. How excited are you to see the inclusion of the feature in Killzone 3? Voice your thoughts via the comment section below.