Bungie Jumping into MMO Genre

March 4, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

After Halo developer Bungie struck an absolutely astounding 10-year partnership deal with mega publisher Activison, fans of the AAA developer have been eager to hear about the “groundbreaking new game universe” that will mark the company’s first multiplatform title since their partnership with Microsoft ended. Built with an entirely new engine, little has been revealed about the game, but at this year’s GDC Bungie has finally announcing that the title will be an MMO.

Bungie’s Lead Network Engineer, David Aldridge announced that the title is a “massively multiplayer action game”, but debunked previous rumors 0f a World of Warcraft-like space game. What genre of MMO the game will be is unknown, although Bungie’s experience in first person shooters makes a FPS MMO seem plausible.

Top-notch MMO DC Universe Online proved that there is a market for massively multiplayer games on consoles, with the title breaking sales records on the PlayStation 3, so are you willing to try out Bungie’s first PlayStation 3 game? Share your thoughts in the comments below.