Sgt. Kirby is Dedicated in Red River

March 14, 2011Written by Tyler Minarik

Operation Flashpoint: Red River has released several videos depicting the situation and setting of the realistic shooter, and now a new trailer describes the mind set of a marine in the field.

War is never pleasant, but it’s easy to forget how intense it can be for the men and women fighting the battle when you only hear about it on the nightly news. Operation Flashpoint: Red River is making it a point to bring the pressures and strains of war on a soldier’s mind to the forefront, beginning with a self narrated bio from various characters that are in the game. Today we hear from Sergeant William Kirby, a rifleman who can’t help thinking about how the flames of war are about to get much hotter in the coming days, and the importance of his actions.

Not only does the video do a good job of introducing you to the mind set of a marine about to be thrown into the chaotic uncertainty of battle, but it also gives a small preview of what gameplay will look like, with clips of it spliced into the video. However, it’s still difficult to tell if the tactical gameplay and open landscapes will pull through for shooter fans everywhere. Previous installments of the game received mediocre reviews, so hopefully we’ll see further improvements shown in the coming days.

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