Brink Offers 12 Screenshots to Tide You Over

April 18, 2011Written by Heath Hindman

12 new screenshots of Bethesda’s latest creation, Brink, have been released. Among them are a few that display many of the abilities available for the classes including Engineer, Medic, Soldier, and Operative. In successful combat missions, players earn experience points and can then buy abilities for these job classes. Beyond that, these images give another look at the action side of the game, with all of its gun firing and over-the-top parkour, both of which parents will be advising their rambunctious teenage kids to stop trying to mimic.

Check out the images below to see some gameplay goodness from Brink as well as some of the special abilities you’ll be able to use:

Brink will be released in mid may for North America, Europe, and Australia. There are still pre-order bonuses available, in the forms of the game’s Doom, Fallout, Psycho and Spec Ops packs up for grabs for those who make digital pre-orders through digital game distributors such as GameStop, Best Buy, Amazon, Direct2Drive, Walmart, and Steam.