Dragon’s Dogma Devs Detail Game’s Plotline, Protagonist and Open World Action

April 25, 2011Written by Heath Hindman

Capcom has some new screens to show off and some new details to share regarding its recently announced “epic action franchise” Dragon’s Dogma.

The company made sure to use plenty of English buzzwords in its recent Japanese announcement, reiterating that the game is “Hai fuantajii” (high fantasy) and features “oupun warudo akushion” (open world action). Players begin by meeting the protagonist and the dragon. One of them is destined to slay the other.

The hero, shown below as the one who isn’t the old man, the girl, the King or the Queen — really, the only one who could possibly be the hero — is from a humble fishing village. The dragon trashes his town and defeats the hero while doing so. The hero of course survives the catastrophe and is then for some reason chosen to find and slay the dragon. Naturally he asks “Why me?” The King then informs him that he “knows” the dragon, which is to say, the dragon made a connection with him and stole his heart. That sounds like they should be friends, until you find out that it literally stole his heart.

In the character art below, the woman with long hair is Kina, a childhood friend of the protagonist. The old man, also from their village, is Adaro. The man in the throne is King Edmond, and the queenly lady is that indeed, Queen Eleanor.

Dragon’s Dogma has no specified release date at this time, though its multiplatform release is set to sometime in 2012.