Cross Game Chat #54 – It’s Greased Lightning!

September 19, 2011Written by Josh Fernandes

This week, the guys sing “Summer Nights” from Grease…. ok, maybe not, but we do talk about how much we love Grease. Since we are in the music loving mood, we also talk about our favorite video game soundtracks and games that had great atmospheric music. Of course, we all grew up with Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. but the current generation of gaming has some great music scores that range from jazz to techno to hip-hop. Turn down the lights and get ready to appreciate some music (and musicals) with this episode of Cross Game Chat.

This Week’s News Topics:

  • Vita Releasing December 17th in Japan Read>>
  • Vita Launch Window Will Have 100 Games Read>>
  • Sony Looking into UMD Backwards Compatibility with Vita Read>>
  • New PSN TOS Blocks Rights to Sue Sony Read>>
  • Bodycount Developer Closing Doors Read>>
  • Move Line-Up Gets Dated Read>>
  • Final Fantasy X HD Coming to PS3 and PS Vita Read>>
  • Zone of Enders and MGS HD Collection Coming to Vita Read>>
  • Grease Gets it’s Own Musical Game Read>>
  • Ni no Kuni Coming to North America Read>>
  • Second Hand Gaming Stole Heavy Rain’s Thunder Read>>

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Next week, we will have another Vita roundtable, where we discuss our current thoughts on the handheld. Plenty of new information was released about the internal memory, number of games, and a possible release date. So, send in your thoughts to or tweet us at PSLifeStyle via Twitter, and let us know if any of the news about the Vita has persuaded you to purchase it or cancel that pre-order. Also, stop by every night this week to chat with Josh and community members about video games and watch a live play through of your favorite games.

Cameron’s Anime Recommendation

Last Exile

PMC’s Music Pick

The Chemical Brothers