Eric Chahi To “Create Something Very Original”, Bring “Something New and Fresh” With his Next Project

November 3, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

Eric Chahi, the creative mind behind the PSN hit From Dust, as well as the 1991 innovative platformer Another World, has teased that he has a new project in the works.

Chahi told Eurogamer:

I have a strong desire to create something very original. Not ambitious in terms of content, but really focused on bringing something new and fresh.

When asked whether he had the idea for the game yet he said:

I have a couple of directions, but I need to clear my mind and start to code.

But even though he seems to still be in the early stages of development, the wait won’t be too long:

I would like the project to be relatively short – something between one year and two years, maximum. One year would be great, but knowing me, well, I’m going to plan one year and it will end up as two.

He added that he would “love to do another From Dust”, but has no plans to do it right now. He also revealed that From Dust sold well, but wouldn’t clarify:

I can’t tell you the number because Ubisoft don’t want me to. But it sold very well. That’s good because we can push them to create more original things.

It’s great that digital platforms like the PlayStation Network allow for unique and different titles to be developed with less risk than a retail release.

Would you have preferred a sequel to From Dust, or are you happy Chahi is working on a new game entirely?