PS3 and 360 Software Sales Neck-and-Neck in Ubisoft’s First Half of 2011

November 8, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

With the PS3 catching up on the 360’s install base, many question how many people actually buy games on Sony’s system, and whether some simply use the black behemoth as a top-notch Blu-Ray player. As part of their latest published financial statistics, Ubisoft have revealed just how close the two consoles really are.

In the table below, the percentage of worldwide sales per console in the second quarter of this year are compared to same period last year. The table also shows the percentage sales in the first half of this year, compared to the last one:

Q2 2011/12Q2 2010/116 months 2011/126 months 2010/11
Nintendo DS4%10%4%7%
Nintendo 3DS3%0%2%
PlayStation 326%30%23%22%
Xbox 36023%20%28%36%

In Q2 2011/12 the PS3 accounted for 26% of all sales, compared to 23% on the 360, so more games were sold on the PS3. However, in the half-year overall, PS3 sales accounted for 23% of all sales, less than 28% on the 360. Compared to last year, PS3 sales rose by 1% of the total sales in the half year, while 360 sales shrunk by 8% of the total sales in the half year.