Full of Vita: A Look at the Handheld’s Hottest Upcoming Games

May 15, 2012Written by Sebastian Moss

Newcomers – New IPs, New Ideas:

Gravity Rush:

Gravity always getting you down? Well in Gravity Rush you can play as the amnesiac Kat, who is given the power to control gravity by a cosmic cat. Already out in Japan, the game has received stellar reviews in its home country,

Warrior’s Lair:

Previously known as Ruin, the game is an action role-playing game set in a medieval fantasy world for the PlayStation 3 and Vita. A big part of the game’s appeal is that it has cross-play, where you can play part of it on PS3 and then carry on on PSV – something which was shown off at E3 2011. Under development by PAIN developer Idol Minds.

Time Travelers:

A game “without a genre”, Level-5’s game includes “time travel” and contains a “massive, in-game world”.

Out on July 12th – but for Japan only.

Download Only – You Better Not Have a 4GB:


Just Add Water’s upgraded port of Stranger’s Wrath that is available on the PS3’s PSN is set to come to the Vita.

Set for release some time later this year.

Sound Shapes:

We loved Sound Shapes at E3, a sound based platformer from Everyday Shooter creator Jonathan Mak. As an added bonus, it also has Play.Create.Share support.

Dr Who: The Eternity Clock:

An unlikely PS exclusive, the ultimate game for Whovians is coming from Tumble developer Supermassive Games. Play as both the Doctor and River Song as they travel across space and time in an effort to save Earth by going to the Eternity Clock.

Out on June 13th (although you can get it next week for PS3) in Europe.


Available now on the Japanese PS3’s PSN store, an upgraded Vita version is in the works for this 3rd person action game.

Release date TBA.

Great Little War Game:

A great war game, albeit a bit little. Already out on the App Store, Sony liked the game same so much they gave the developer some Vita dev kits for free.

Release date TBA.

PS Suite:

Basically an App Store for Vita and Sony phones, this could bring a whole host of smaller indie titles at a low price, as well as apps. Suite could be a gamechanger for the Vita, opening it up to a flood of new games.

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