SCE Bids Hirai Farewell, Presents Sony CEO with Custom PS3

June 29, 2012Written by Alex Osborn


Earlier this week, news broke that Kaz Hirai was retiring from his position as chairman and representative director on the SCE board to focus on his new responsibilities as president and CEO of Sony. To show their thanks, the guys at SCE threw the Sony head a proper farewell party.

SCE president Shuhei Yoshida was at the party and shared a couple of photos on Twitter. In addition to receiving a massive bouquet of flowers, Mr. Hirai was presented with a super-exclusive, custom built PS3 that sports a silver and red finish. Check it out below:

Yoshida commented on the photo, saying: “A special PS3 custom made for Kaz. Not for sale.” Aw shucks.

While Kaz is stepping down from his role at SCE, he will undoubtedly maintain a major role in shaping the future of PlayStation as president of Sony. The future of the the company will rely heavily on its gaming division, so expect big things from PlayStation going forward.